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Multimedia Device Registration

Here's how you register your game console or media device such as Roku, Smart TV, AppleTV, Chromecast. If you encounter any issues while following the instructions below, please reply back with any error messages that you receive so that we may better assist you.

 The following instructions will only work from the dorm networks. 

1. Turn on your game console or media device that you would like to register and connect it to the network in the residence hall.

2. Look for the MAC address of your game console or media device(usually in Network Settings---> Advanced)
A MAC address is a 12 digit alpha numeric string usually separated by colons. (Example 00:4c:5d:be:c4:b6)

3. From the dorm network, Open a web browser on your PC or mobile device and browse to https://devicereg.resnet.rwu:8443/enroll
You may see a message that says the page is unsafe, please ignore this message for the devicereg website.

4. Fill out the required information such as username and password on the first page. (The login format is the same format used to log into your bridges account (Example: jsmith123)

5. On the second page enter the required information starting with the MAC address of the device that you would like to register from Step 2.

If you have any issues with the device registration process email or select "Request Service" and report any errors that you received during the process.