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Students can find services here that are available to them from the support community.

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Bridges is a web-based program that contains all the content and communication options for all courses at RWU. For distance courses, Bridges becomes your classroom. If you are a residential or local student, Bridges may be used as a supplement by your instructors to store course materials like a syllabus, to collect assignments, to administer quizzes and tests and to communicate.

Cable TV

The RWU cable television system experienced a state of the art upgrade during the summer of 2015. Now all of your popular channels are available in high definition and our lineup has expanded to bring you more viewing choices.

Computer Support

As an extension of the RWU MediaTech service desk, we offer software support for student-owned computers and other devices free of charge. Our technicians can assist with software issues.

Equipment Loan

Student equipment is available for checkout at the Media∙Tech desk located on the first floor of the main library. All you need is a valid student ID and you can check out any available equipment during desk hours. Available equipment includes:

Video cameras
Audio recorders
Samsung Laptops and Tablets
DSLR Still cameras
LCD projectors


What is my new e-mail address?

For undergraduates, graduate and continuing studies students; it should take the form of For law students, it should be For Alumni it should be

But when I visit the Gmail at RWU sign-in page, I see that it says “” after my username. What’s this?

Technically, all user e-mail addresses contain the suffix “” Yet the University has established the “” and “” suffixes so that users may retain their old e-mail addresses. You can, in fact, receive e-mail at should you wish to. And when you send mail to recipients, they will likely view your address as

Think of it this way — the two variations of your e-mail address are completely interchangeable. You can send a single e-mail to and, and both will arrive in your inbox.


Roger Williams University provides computer classrooms/labs in over 20 locations campus wide. Use of the labs is free (excluding printing) for anyone with a valid Roger Williams University ID. RWU software offerings include Microsoft Office products as well as course-specific offerings. These packages are available on both Macintosh and PC platforms. Hours of operation vary depending on class schedules. Please see posted hours at the lab door.

Mobile Apps

Roger Williams University continues to improve the mobile experience of students, faculty, staff, and visitors who interact with the campus and community. Roger Williams University offers a suite of applications that run on both iOS and Android to enhance your campus experience.


The RWU Campus Portal provides students the ability to check your class schedule and register for classes, provide links to many other vital campus services, and display important campus news and announcements.


Printing from personal devices in the library:

There are 3 ways to print from personal devices in the Library.

Once you submit a print job using one of the options listed within here, jobs will be held for 2 hours and can be released in the main Library, Center for Academic Development, or the Intercultural Center.


The rCloud strategy is to provide collaboration, storage and access to applications from a centralized server. rCloud allows for virtual desktops so students can log in to the server from their own computer 24/7 and pull down a desktop that is customized to their needs and start working.


Access via at the user page, pull down to RWU.EDU or ACADEMICS.RWU (depending on your position at RWU), and then log in. Use your RWU log in. Access is free of charge.


RWU has deployed wireless coverage in all areas of the university used for research, academics, and study.

The University chose to deploy the latest standard 802.11n in all of our deployments. IT chose Aruba Networks

Infrastructure equipment in order to achieve the following goals:

• Utilize authentication to ensure that only RWU community is receiving wireless access and the University is not unwittingly supplying its neighbors with access that they are not legally entitled to.

• Ensure that bandwidth and traffic controls are put in place to ensure access to all users as much as feasible.

• Maintain and enforce the wireless airspace policy in order to control interference.

• Assume a 5-year lifecycle for wireless equipment.

• Begin implementation of the new standard 802.11ac