Faculty software

Faculty, Staff, and Students can download available software packages for a minimal fee by going to the Kivuto On The Hub website.

In order for you to purchase software, you’ll need a valid major credit card. The system is secure, and your information is kept strictly private.


Important Changes to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products:


There have been major changes to how Adobe licenses their products, moving to a “named-user model”. This requires active faculty and staff to log-in to the Adobe Creative Cloud. License keys are no longer available for use. IT will continue to install the application to faculty and staff computers but by logging in, Adobe apps can be downloaded, updated and uninstalled directly by the user. Users are able to install and use the software from two computers.


The Adobe Creative Cloud Application can be downloaded or managed by logging in at the Adobe portal.

  • To sign in from the Adobe portal:
    • Click “Sign In” in the upper right corner
    • Enter your RWU email address and click “continue”
    • Select “Company or School Account”.
    • Log-in to your RWU secure portal page.
  • From the menu, install the Creative Cloud Desktop
  • Launch the Adobe Creative Cloud app from the system tray or the Programs/Applications menu to launch or install package offerings.



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