Permanently Stop PowerPoint From Changing The Display To Extended Mode

If you'd like to have PowerPoint 2013 automatically go back to "duplicate" after leaving a slideshow, all you need to do is add the following information to your Windows registry. Please be careful whenever editing the Windows registry since mistakes could cause you to make your system incapable of starting!




For those not familiar with editing the registry, here's an easy way:

Create a new file in Windows Notepad (you can open this by typing "notepad" in the Windows search box


Copy and paste the following:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




Click "Save As"

Name the file "Update.reg" (the .reg part is important!)

Click "Save as type" and choose "All Files (*.*)" (this is also important!)

Click "Save" to exit the dialog

Close Notepad

Double-click the file you just created

Say "Yes" to the prompts (there should be two)


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