Sharing your iPad/iPhone in Zoom

1. Open Zoom on your iPad/iPhone.

2. Join the Zoom meeting in progress for that class – you do not have to log in.

3. Enter the meeting ID & password.

  • You can find the meeting ID & Password by clicking on the, “Participants” button on your computer.
  • At the bottom of the Participants pane, click, “Invite.”
  • At the top of the box that appears is the meeting ID.
  • At the bottom of the box is the meeting Password (passwords are case sensitive).

4. On the computer screen, in the Participants’ Pane, hover over then Name of the iPad/iPhone and click on the, “More” button.

  • From the list, select, “Make Host”

5. Once the iPad/iPhone is made the host, share as you normally would in Zoom.

6. Reverse the process to make the original Host device the host again.


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Tue 8/25/20 11:27 AM