What is my new e-mail address?

For undergraduates, graduate and continuing studies students; it should take the form of username@hawks.rwu.edu. For law students, it should be username@barrister.rwu.edu. For Alumni it should be username@alumni.rwu.edu

But when I visit the Gmail at RWU sign-in page, I see that it says “g.rwu.edu” after my username. What’s this?

Technically, all user e-mail addresses contain the suffix “g.rwu.edu.” Yet the University has established the “hawks.rwu.edu” and “barrister.rwu.edu” suffixes so that users may retain their old e-mail addresses. You can, in fact, receive e-mail at username@g.rwu.edu should you wish to. And when you send mail to recipients, they will likely view your address as username@g.rwu.edu.

Think of it this way — the two variations of your e-mail address are completely interchangeable. You can send a single e-mail to username@hawks.rwu.edu and username@g.rwu.edu, and both will arrive in your inbox.

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